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Jeffreys Bay Police shoot gangster

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A notorious gang leader was shot by a Jeffreys Bay policewoman on Friday night after resisting arrest and attacking and stabbing another policeman who tried to apprehend him.


The drama began in Ocean View at 9 Pm on Friday evening when the gang robbed a resident of the suburb.  The Jeffreys Bay Crime Prevention Unit (CPU), Sector Police and the CPF were all in the vicinity and chased the suspects, who fled across the Aston Bay road towards Pellsrus.


Inspector Hayward, the sector manager in charge of Ocean View and Pellsrus knew where the gang’s territory was and quickly coordinated the police to circle the area.


The fleeing gang leader was apprehended in-between shacks and when the Police tried to arrest him, he stabbed a policeman in the upper arm. He then attacked other policewoman who evaded the attack and in defending her life, she shot the suspect in the back.


The suspect was then placed under arrest and transferred to Livingstone hospital.  He faces charges of attempted murder and assault with the intent to do grievous body harm.


After witnessing the drama unfold, the Jeffreys Bay CPF wishes to add its voice to the growing calls to clear the confusion surrounding Section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Act that hinders the Police in the performance of their duties.  It is nothing short of a ludicrous situation when a police officer still has to try apply the policy of minimum force when their lives are in danger.


The Act reads that:

Where arrest is called for, force may be used only where it is necessary in order to carry out the arrest.

“Where force is necessary, only the least degree of force reasonably necessary to carry out the arrest may be used.

Shooting a suspect solely in order to carry out an arrest is permitted in very limited circumstances only.”


Friday’s night’s incident highlights how easily the Jeffreys Bay community could have been mourning the death of two police members.  When a criminal puts a Police officers’ life in danger and there is hesitation and split decisions that need to be made in the heat of battle about how to deal with the situation, then changes to the Criminal Procedure Act must be made.


A shoot to kill policy when under attack by dangerous criminals may not solve all the crime problems facing our country but our Police officers must be able to defend themselves when their lives and the lives of our community are in danger without fear of recrimination.


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