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 Four robbers armed with assault rifles and hand guns were apprehended in the centre of Jeffreys Bay on Monday just after dark after a high speed car chase.

Acting on information received from the community, well known businesswomen Cheron Kraak hired a private investigator who determined that she was the target of criminals whose plan of action was to rob her at her home in Wavecrest.

The gang had decided to conduct a reconnaissance of Kraak’s house at 7 pm and then hit the house at around 2 am. Once the vehicle started moving towards the residential area of Jeffreys Bay the Police, who had mobilized a task team, moved in and tried to force it to stop.

Weapons were thrown out of the window and after a dramatic car chase, the driver of the mini bus was forced to stop in Woltemade Street, ironically just up the road from the Police Station.

The well armed Policemen dragged the suspects from the vehicle and had them handcuffed within seconds. The suspects were then taken to the police station for questioning.

The R4 and R5 rifles that were thrown out of the window were stolen from an army base in Mthatha and a private security firm in Gauteng and will be checked to see if they are linked to any other crime scenes. The mini bus is licensed in Tsolo in the former homeland of Transkei.

Three of the suspects come from the same area and the Police are investigating to determine whether they are wanted on other charges.

Kraak was thankful for the prompt response by the Police and said that criminals must know that the J’Bay community had declared war on criminals. “The arrest of these thugs proves how well the community and the Police can work together in the fight against crime”, said Kraak. “We are sending out a message to criminals that they are not welcome in our town and that they going to get taken out.”

The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) agreed with Kraak’s statement and said that all the communities in the town were mobilizing to help the Police win the war against crime. Brenton Williams from the CPF said that on Friday night foot patrols were conducted in Ocean View by residents who were sick of being terrorized by gangsters. “Joint operations by the Aston Bay, Paradise Beach and Wavecrest Neighbourhood Watches, in conjunction with the Police has seen a dramatic reduction in crime in those suburbs”, said Williams. “We must remain vigilant as criminal elements are always seeking soft targets. However the syndicates from out of town that are trying their luck are discovering that our community will fight back.”


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