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1..2…3…what are they fighting 4

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The War in Gaza is reaching a new stage.  Thousands of Israeli reservists have been called up, indicating the ground offensive is being expanded into the cities.

Below:  An entire block is flattened in Gaza.  1 000 people have been killed, nearly 250 of them children

Below:  An Hamas rocket damages an Israeli apartment building.  Israel is coming under internation pressure for the disproportionate response to Hamas rocket fire

Below:  Debris and smoke fill the air in Gaza as the war continues.  Yet there are still fewer casualties in the war than the number of victims the cholera outbreak has claimed in Zimbabwe

Below:  Protesters around the world, including South Africans have been demonstrating in the streets against the war in Gaza.  Malaysian students can be seen marching in the following picture.


David vs Goliath…except this time round, Israel is Goliath………Palestinian youths with slingshots take on the Israeli army.



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January 12, 2009 at 3:45 pm