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Marathon Swimming a hit in Jeffreys Bay

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Despite a cold wind and overcast conditions, over 60 hard core swimmers took to the canals of Marina Martinique in Jeffreys Bay on Sunday to participate in the inaugural Kouga Express EP Open Water Swim Series (OWSS)

Mike Marais winner of the 5km swim wordpress

Michael Marais, winner of the 5 km open water swim at Marina Martinique Jeffreys Bay

Competitors had a choice between a 5 km, 3 km or a 1 km swim and three swimmers chose to compete in the grueling 5 km swim.  Michael Marais eventually took top honours in the 5 km, swimming a South African national qualifying time of 1:03:16

Marais said after the race that is was a tough swim and his back was hurting but he wanted to swim a qualifying time early in the season and had to power until the finish buoy to achieve his goal.

Jessica Roux took the 5 km women’s race in 1:07:10 which is also a SA national qualifying time.  Rebecca Newman had a good swim in her first ever 5 km swim and recorded a credible 1:11:26 and with some more experience, should swim a qualifying time this season.

The 3 km swim was well supported with swimmers battling it out through the Marina Martinique canals.  Local residents cheered from their houses as the competitors did a circular route in the canals. Jonathan Roux (15 yrs) won the swim in 42 minutes from Mickey Falco.  Tammy Geyer (17yrs) was the first woman home in 44:43.

Richard Jute won the Masters race with local swim coach Brenton Williams coming second.  Both Jute and Williams swam South African national open water qualifying times.  Marina Barnard, also from Jeffreys Bay was the first woman master swimmer to finish.

The 1 km swim saw 16 local swimmers take to the water and the youngsters dominated the boys U/13 division with Seth de Swart (10yrs) winning from Kendal Wright (12yrs) and Pieter Ellis (8yrs) coming third.  Competing against the older boys, Ellis showed his has the potential to become a good open water swimmer in time to come.

The youngest girl swimmer to take part in the 1 km event was 8 yr old Alexa Vaughn from Port Elizabeth, who managed to complete the course.  “I didn’t think it would be so far when I entered but I just did some breastroke and freestyle and then sprinted the last 200m to the end of the race”, said Vaughn.  “I will be back in Jeffreys Bay next month to finish my next 1 km”, she added.

Brenton Williams, coach of the Kouga Swim Club, based in Jeffreys Bay was very happy with the turn out for the first swim of the series that will see six swims take place in the Marina during the next six months.  “Open water swimming is one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world and interest is growing after the inclusion of the 10 km marathon swim in the Olympic Games”.

[picapp src=”b/2/2/2/7a.jpg?adImageId=6972010&imageId=704685″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

(Above: South Africa’s Natalie du Toit in action in the women’s 10 km marathon swim at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games)

“Open water swimmers must be ready to compete in all weather and water conditions which adds to the challenge of swimming long distances.  The EP OWSS is designed to nurture swimmers along until they are ready to compete in the 10 km event, which is only open to swimmers of 16 years and older”, said Williams.

Mike Zoetmulder from Zports who organized the event said, “This event is an exciting initiative to grow open water swimming in the Eastern Cape and EP Aquatics together with the Kouga Swim Club have put together a great 6-part Series which will take place in the pristine canals of Jeffreys Bay’s Marina Martinique this summer. With one event a month planned for the Marina, we hope to see hundreds of social swimmers coming down and taking part in this fantastic Series”.

Swimmers who want to prepare for the next EP OWSS event which will take part on 22 November at Marina Martinique can swim a 1km or a 2 km in the Ocean Racing Series which will take place on Sunday in Port Elizabeth.  Entries can be done online at

The Kouga Swim Club holds training sessions in the Marina Martinique canals on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7 am for adult swimmers and Friday afternoons at 15.15 for all age groups.  Non members are welcome to attend and details can be obtained by emailing

More information about open water swimming can be found at:



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After a relatively calm period, numerous housebreakings were reported in the upmarket suburb of Wavecrest in Jeffreys Bay over the past weekend.

Mimosa, Pagoda and Poplar Streets as well as Palm Crescent were all targeted but housebreakings took place in other areas of Wavecrest as well.


[picapp src=”3/5/2/3/b6.JPG?adImageId=6204337&imageId=3849808″ width=”500″ height=”327″ /]


(Above: The world famous waves of Jeffreys Bay are being threatened by the ever increasing crime wave on land)


Most of the attacks took place after 2 AM and the method of entry was by breaking and entering through windows. In two instances, doors were forced open, one of them being a sliding door.

The brazen thieves even entered homes occupied by residents and the community is urged to make sure that all access points to your homes are secure before going to bed.

The Police are actively working on the problem and several known housebreakers and other suspects will be arrested in the next few days to see if they are linked to the robberies.

A bakkie was also stolen in Wavecrest over the weekend and on a more positive note, an arrest was made in Seetuin Road where a suspect had stolen goods in his possession and is appearing in court today.

Pellsrus was the other crime hotspot over the weekend with housebreakings and assaults being reported. The Ocean View Neighbourhood Watch again conducted foot patrols over the weekend and only one incident was reported from this suburb.

Aston Bay and Paradise Beach were quiet with no reported incidents taking place. Once again the Neighbourhood Watches in these suburbs must be commended for the sterling job they do in keeping crime under control.

A fraud case involved the purchase of a bakkie was laid with the Police. The modus operandi is a “bargain bakkie” is advertised and after the potential buyer has deposited the funds in the seller’s bank account; the seller disappears with the bakkie.

 There was one arrest for drink driving over the weekend and more operations targeting this crime will be held in the near future.

CPF ELECTIONS The elections will be held on 21 September at 18h00 at the Detective offices in St Croix Street. Should your organization not have registered kindly contact Sue Smit for mandate forms at


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 Four robbers armed with assault rifles and hand guns were apprehended in the centre of Jeffreys Bay on Monday just after dark after a high speed car chase.

Acting on information received from the community, well known businesswomen Cheron Kraak hired a private investigator who determined that she was the target of criminals whose plan of action was to rob her at her home in Wavecrest.

The gang had decided to conduct a reconnaissance of Kraak’s house at 7 pm and then hit the house at around 2 am. Once the vehicle started moving towards the residential area of Jeffreys Bay the Police, who had mobilized a task team, moved in and tried to force it to stop.

Weapons were thrown out of the window and after a dramatic car chase, the driver of the mini bus was forced to stop in Woltemade Street, ironically just up the road from the Police Station.

The well armed Policemen dragged the suspects from the vehicle and had them handcuffed within seconds. The suspects were then taken to the police station for questioning.

The R4 and R5 rifles that were thrown out of the window were stolen from an army base in Mthatha and a private security firm in Gauteng and will be checked to see if they are linked to any other crime scenes. The mini bus is licensed in Tsolo in the former homeland of Transkei.

Three of the suspects come from the same area and the Police are investigating to determine whether they are wanted on other charges.

Kraak was thankful for the prompt response by the Police and said that criminals must know that the J’Bay community had declared war on criminals. “The arrest of these thugs proves how well the community and the Police can work together in the fight against crime”, said Kraak. “We are sending out a message to criminals that they are not welcome in our town and that they going to get taken out.”

The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) agreed with Kraak’s statement and said that all the communities in the town were mobilizing to help the Police win the war against crime. Brenton Williams from the CPF said that on Friday night foot patrols were conducted in Ocean View by residents who were sick of being terrorized by gangsters. “Joint operations by the Aston Bay, Paradise Beach and Wavecrest Neighbourhood Watches, in conjunction with the Police has seen a dramatic reduction in crime in those suburbs”, said Williams. “We must remain vigilant as criminal elements are always seeking soft targets. However the syndicates from out of town that are trying their luck are discovering that our community will fight back.”

Wavecrest, Jeffreys Bay under siege

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There has been a spike in house breakings in Wavecrest with another two incidences occurring last night. It appears that criminals are gaining access through burglar bars and through unprotected doors.

 Residents living in older houses are urged to check their burglar bars as in many instances, it is easy for criminals to loosen them and gain entry. The current modus operandi of the criminals in Wavecrest is to target houses that are occupied.

It does not matter what age the inhabitants are as pensioners as well as young people have been robbed whilst in their homes. The time frame that criminals have been invading homes is between 10pm and 4am.

However, the Jeffreys Bay Police have urged residents to be aware and take safety precautions from sunset as it appears that houses have been watched before the criminals decide who to target. Make sure outer doors and security doors are locked. Unprotected windows must be locked and an inspection of your burglar bars must be carried out to ensure it will not be easy for criminals to gain access.

Laptops, cell phones, cash and guns are what the criminals have been seeking when robbing houses. It is suspected that locals are involved and the Police are following several leads. A well known house breaker has recently been released from jail and is being sought by the Police for questioning.

 Ongoing operations involving the CPF, the Police, Security companies and the neighbourhood watches will be taking place until the situation is under control. Residents must also take note that ATM’s are being monitored by criminals and the necessary precautions must be taken when drawing cash, especially when the surrounding area seems deserted

Locals only for Jeffreys Bay Surf Contest

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The local surf community came out of the woodwork on Saturday morning to witness a unique event in the history of surfing in Jeffreys Bay.

Ashley Walter in the best barrel of his life

Ashley Walter in the best barrel of his life

16 of the top Supertubes surfers would be competing for a place in the Von Zipper Wildcard trials and sharing the line up with the water patrol, who were all long standing J’Bay locals. No surfers from anywhere else in the country or the world were going to surf Supers and there were even local policemen amongst the water patrol, making sure the Supertubes remained local’s only for the entire day.

Below: Ryan Payne the winner of the Supertubes Showdown about to hit the lip at Supertubes

Ryan going vert

The boardwalks at Supers quickly filled up with spectators and some made a bee line for the top deck at Tyrone Smith’s house and settled in to watch the action unfold. After a long waiting period, and many nervous moments for contest director Koffie Jacobs, the first wave to be ridden in the Xcel Supertubes Showdown was a classic. As the hooter sounded to start the first heat, Warren Dean whipped into a bomb and got barreled three times before being towed back out to the backline by Arthur Joubert, who was controlling the line up on his jet ski.

The first wave set the tone for the contest and spectators were given a display of tube riding that has never been witnessed in Jeffreys Bay before. Even the groms that were invited to the Supertubes Showdown got their cover ups whilst old stalwarts like Trevor Hansen showed he still knows how to ride barrels, much to the delight of his son Keane, who cheering from the beach.


The Xcel sponsored braai was well supported as was the bar as soon as it opened. The water patrol crew managed to come back to the beach to grab some Red Bulls before paddling back into the line up for some more uncrowded J’Bay perfection.

Prize giving ended just in time for the locals to watch the Springboks take on the British Lions in rugby. The day was aptly summed up by Tyrone Smith, the head of the Supertubes Surfing Foundation when he commented “It does not get any better than this”.

Those who still had energy left then managed to drag themselves off to the Mexican, the venue of the still talked about opening function of the Xcel Supertubes Showdown nearly a month ago.

Below: Dylan Lighfoot (14 yrs old) is a name to watch in the future about to cut back on a big Supertubes wall

Dylan Lightfoot is a name to remember

The final was a tense affair with Supertubes legend Warren Dean trading barrels with Ryan Payne, with Payne eventually getting the nod from the judges and the invite to the Von Zipper Wild Card Trials. Three of the VZ trialists will get the opportunity to surf in the 09 Billabong Pro which will be held in Jeffreys Bay in July.

Final results of the Xcel Supertubes Showdown:

1. Ryan Payne
2. Warren Dean
3. Deon Lategan
4. Stan Badger

South African Police recover stolen cars

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The J’Bay Police were again hard at work this weekend and made sure shebeens (illegal taverns) closed down at the legal closing time. These actions again saw a drop in contact related crimes in Ocean View/Pellrus over the weekend.

However, there were reported assaults in J’Bay Central, Mondplaas and C Place. There were house breakings in Wavecrest, Aston Bay and Ocean View/Pellsrus. Two bicycles were stolen in Noorsekloof Road and a business was robbed in Da Gama Road.

There was a rape reported from Tjoksville and Police are investigating. One drink driving arrest was made in C Place and residents are warned that a drink driving operation will take place this coming weekend in Jeffreys Bay.

House breakings have occurred in Humansdorp where suspects are gaining access through the roof. This modus operandi has not spread to Jeffreys Bay yet but residents are urged not to leave ladders lying around at night, thereby making it easier for criminals.

A visitor to Jeffreys Bay was robbed at the Nedbank ATM last weekend whilst drawing money. This incident occurred during the day and residents are urged to be aware and remain vigilant when using ATM’s.

The Police have announced that 64 stolen motor vehicles were recovered from the East London area. It is unclear at this stage whether any of the recovered vehicles come from Jeffreys Bay, but it is suspected that syndicates from the former Ciskei region have been active in the town.

Showdown at Supertubes, JBay……..

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The invitees for the Xcel Supertubes Showdown have been announced.  All 16 have earned their spurs in the surf hierachy in Jeffreys Bay and will be competed for the opportunity to surf against the top 44 surfers in the world in the 09 Billabong Pro in July.  


Heat draw for the Xcel Supertubes Showdown:


Heat 1
Warren Dean    
Ashley Walter                 
Ari Kraak
Steven Sawyer
Heat 2
Ryan Payne
Stuart Shelver
Dane Morris
Dominique Abersalie
Heat 3
Craig Els
Stanley Badger
Drew Thysman
Remi Petersen
Heat 4
Deon Lategan
Berti Stuurman
Nick van Eeden
Dylan Lightfoot


Who was the J Bay local dishing out tequila instead of snot klaps until the early morning hours at the opening function of the Xcel Supertubes Showdown in J’Bay? 

The J'Bay locals who have been invited to compete in the Xcel Supertubes Showdown