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Following a second violent house robbery in Paradise Beach, the Police, the Neighbourhood Watches, CPF and security companies worked through the night on Sunday and managed to arrest 5 suspects and recover stolen goods.

Superintendent Ntsabo the commanding officer of the Jeffreys Bay Police Station thanked the members of the community at the monthly meeting of the Community Police Forum (CPF) last night as well as Smhart Security who were involved in tracking down the suspects.

“We are taking a zero tolerance towards criminals in the town and we will catch them” said Ntsabo.

Proving that the J’Bay Police mean business 15 “A” arrests have been made since Friday. These arrests are for crimes like assault, murder rape, drunk driving and house breakings while 17 “B” arrests have been made for crimes such as loitering, drunk and disorderly and traffic offences like jumping stop streets.

Ocean View/Pellrus remain the hotspot suburbs with crimes ranging from house breakings, domestic violence and assault with knives taking place. An attempted house breaking took place in Paradise Beach but the Police made an arrest and thwarted the attempt. A house breaking took place in Nautilus Street C-Place last night where a door was forced open to gain access.

Two businesses in the CBD were targeted and windows were broken to try gain access. Business owners are urged to take proper security measures to ensure they do not become the victim of criminals as there is an upswing in this type of crime in Jeffreys Bay.


The lucky winner of the painting donated by the world renowned artist Stephen Bibb was announced at the CPF meeting last night. Graham Veitch from Paradise Beach is the CPF member who signed up and won the lucky draw and will be handed the painting at next months CPF meeting.


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