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Black weekend for Jeffreys Bay as criminals run amok

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“This is one of the worst weekends Jeffreys Bay has ever experienced crime wise”. This comment comes from a long serving law enforcement officer in J’Bay as 11 houses were robbed and 8 serious assaults took place during a black weekend in our small town.

Tourists to J’Bay were also targeted and two tent sites were hit over the weekend in the Jeffreys Bay caravan park.

Stoves and petrol were stolen and one of the tents was cut open and possessions removed.

A number of assaults took place in Pellsrus/Ocean View that can be directly attributed to shebeens operating after closing time. The Police have undertaken to target this crime but need support from the Municipality as many of the laws being broken are actually municipal by laws and need to be policed by the Kouga Law Enforcement officers.

Two attempted murders took place in Pellsrus both involving knives. One robbery took place outside Spur. The Police have leads on this case and arrests will follow shortly.

C-Place experienced a crime wave over the weekend with 3 house breakings taking place in the suburb. Pellsrus/Ocean View were the other suburbs where a number of house breakings took place.

Again some of these house breakings appear to be related to alcohol abuse. There was one house breaking in Wavecrest. In many of these instances burglar bars were forced to gain entry.

Please take care when walking on the beach alone, especially women. A lady from Jeffreys Bay was harassed at the Supers car park on Saturday morning by two men.

Luckily a dog came to her rescue and tried to bite one of the harassers. The two men were chased away and seem to part of the crew that hangs on the corner at Surfer Girl.

This is not the first incident of this nature along the Supers beach and the Community Police Forum (CPF) has organized regular raids of the Supertubes Park to ensure criminals don’t use the Park as a base for their activities.

Aston Bay/Paradise Beach were once again the quiet suburbs in Jeffreys Bay. This is probably due to the crime prevention operation that took place in the suburbs last weekend and the highly active neighbourhood watches that brook no nonsense in their communities.


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