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Drink driving was targeted over the weekend in Jeffreys Bay and five arrests were made by Kouga traffic officials.

Numerous drivers received warnings and others were fined for a variety of offences. Residents must take note that drink driving will not be tolerated by the Kouga Municipality’s Law Enforcement officials. Regular operations targeting drink driving will be held in conjunction with the Police, the neighbourhood watches and the CPF.

A highly successful anti crime operation was held on Friday night in Jeffreys Bay. The Police helicopter helped officers on the ground flush out suspected house breakers as well as providing aerial visibility during the evening.

The Aston Bay and Paradise Beach Neighbourhood Watches were joined by CPF members from Pellsrus and Wavecrest, the Police Crime Prevention Unit, Security companies and the Police Sector managers in a show of force in the suburbs.

Road blocks, foot patrols and vehicle patrols ensured the suburbs were safe before the Watches moved off into Wavecrest to assist police with visible policing and stop and search operations.

Despite Law Enforcements best efforts, a rape still occurred in Pellsrus/Ocean View over the weekend and a murder occurred in Wavecrest. The rape appears to be alcohol related while the murder is under intensive investigation and several leads are being followed up by the Jeffreys Bay detectives.


The CPF has received a number of complaints from the community that it is difficult trying to contact the police station and that calls are often not answered.

After an investigation by the CPF the following has been established:

Phoning 10111 from a cell phone can land the caller up at a police station literally anywhere in the country. The cell phone relays the call to a receiver or cell phone tower. It does happen that a call can be routed to a receiver in a different town from where the call in being made. This means phoning 10111 from a cell phone in Jeffreys Bay can be routed to a police station in Port Elizabeth for example.

The numbers of the police station which are found in the telephone book are also incorrect. Back office numbers have some inexplicable reason been supplied and that is the reason why phones are not being answered especially after office hours.

The correct numbers are the correct numbers to phone:

Community Service Centre : 042-2006802 / 2006803
The above number is the one to phone at the Charge Office

Fire-Arm Licenses : 042-2006835 / 2006841
Sector Managers : 042-2006844
Detective Services : 042-2006600 / 2006627
Stock Theft Unit : 042-2007000 / 2007026


Renowned Jeffreys Bay artist Stephen Bibb has joined the war against crime. Stephen has donated one of his paintings to the CPF and will be given to an individual or an organization that has signed up as a member of the CPF by the end of June 2009.

The giclee archival reproduction is called golden sunrise. Application forms can be obtained by emailing the secretary of the CPF, Sue Smit on The completed form must be returned to Sue by the end of June.

The CPF wishes to thank Stephen for his contribution to keeping our community safe. Check out his website at


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June 17, 2009 at 5:43 am

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