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Desmond Tutu calls for Mugabe to go

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Desmond Tutu has been the spiritual voice of South Africa for a long time and has been a constant critic of the Mugabe regime since the madness began in Zimbabwe.

The” Bish” as Nobel Peace prize winner has become known, has said that armed force is an option in removing Robert Mugabe from power. He was also critical of the South African government’s actions up to now in helping to solve the problem.

 Tutu asked the question “how much more suffering is going to make us say we have given Mr. Mugabe enough time?” “I am deeply, deeply distressed that we should be found not on the side of the ones who are suffering”, added Tutu about the South African response to the Zimbabwe crisis.

 Meanwhile Mugabe has declared that he couldn’t be bothered with anything the world has to say about Zimbabwe. The 84-year-old described the latest US criticism, which followed earlier calls from President Bush for him to step down, as “the last kicks of a dying horse“.

 We obviously are not going to pay attention to a sunset administration. Zimbabwe’s fate lies in the hands of Zimbabweans,” he said, days after telling supporters that “Zimbabwe is mine.

 Mugabe also hit out at America’s top envoy to Africa Jendayi Frazer, and was quoted as describing Frazer as a “little girl” who was out of touch with reality in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. She thinks that Africans are idiots, little kids who cannot think for themselves,”

 Once again all South Africans should take seriously what Desmond Tutu is saying about Zimbabwe. Our neighbours are suffering. There is a humanitarian crisis right on our doorstep. The time for dithering and talking has come to an end.

 Lets continue from the days when Bono from U2 urged the world on “Rattle and Hum” album …………”to support a man like Bishop Tutu in his request for economic sanctions against South Africa”…….as the people of a country have once again given up on the peacemakers from the west while they argue.

 It is clear that Archbishop Tutu is right once again. The longer Mugabe stays in power, the worse the situation will become. He has to go now. We have let down the people of Zimbabwe and we cannot rely on our government’s ability to help anymore.Let’s join Tutu’s call to the world to free Zimbabwe now.


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