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US continues with military attacks in Pakistan

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A missile attack launched from an unmanned drone airplane killed two people in Pakistan on Thursday.  In what is becoming known as America’s secret war, this is the 12 confirmed attack in the new front in the war on terror.


There are hundreds of thousands of Pakistani refugees who have crossed the border into Afghanistan to flee the fighting between government forces and Taliban militants.  The refugees say the invasion of Afghanistan caused the problems as many soldiers moved into Pakistan to launch their attacks from the tribal areas against the US led coalition.


According to Richard Engel, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent in Afghanistan there are US special forces who are waging war in Pakistan.  “There are troops in bases in Afghanistan who don’t wear uniforms and who don’t shave to in order to blend in with local populations when on covert operations”.

“They eat in their own chow halls, plan their own missions and don’t talk much. They don’t talk at all to the media.  They’re the men who have been called in to cross into Pakistan when the drones can’t get deep enough to find and kill their targets. 

They are elite Special Operations Forces, the most-highly trained and covert of the U.S. military. They are America’s ghost warriors. According to Pakistani villagers who claim to have witnessed their operations, the “Special Ops” work in small teams, fast roping out of helicopters, air assaulting their objective before the enemy can re-group.

Their strengths are rapid violence, stealth, mobility and surprise. The Special Operations Forces don’t receive much attention or credit in the media, but they’re leading America’s secret war inside Pakistan, at least for now”.

A Pakistani official, according to Engel said that there has been up to 50 drone incursions and around 10 ground force attacks into Pakistan since the new front in the war has been opened.

In further proof that a civil war is also underway in Pakistan, at least four security personnel were killed and 28 others wounded when a police station here came under a rocket attack, followed by a suicide bombing late on Wednesday night.

Swat district police chief, Delawar Khan Bangash told newsmen that militants fired rockets on the station. A heavy exchange of gunfire followed but soon an explosive-laden coach was rammed into the rear wall of the city police station.

Pakistan has turned to China to assist with their financial crises as all western aid goes to the military.  Asif Ali Zardari, the Pakistani prime minister is on a four day visit to China seeking hundreds of millions of dollars of emergency aid.



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October 17, 2008 at 5:34 am

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