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Civil War looms in pakistan

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The fragile political situation in Pakistan has further unraveled as the country slides into civil war.

The government’s decision to accede to America’s demands that Taliban and Al Qaeda insurgents be rooted out in the tribal areas has ensured a back lash from the insurgents and others.

A suicide bomber rammed an explosive filled motor car into a police station in North West Pakistan on Thursday, killing three policemen and injuring 15.

According to the Pakistani military, 1000 insurgents have been killed since the government began their operations. However, this figure has not been verified.

Suicide attacks are also on the increase, including an attack on the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad which killed 55 people.

Many Pakistani’s are against the government crackdown on the so called insurgents and many in the military are wary of fighting against fellow Muslims.

Meanwhile the war in Afghanistan is starting to unravel for the American led coalition. The Taliban are far from a spent force and are taking back the rural areas of Afghanistan. One thing that must be remembered is that no invading force has prevailed in Afghanistan in the modern era. Britain, at the height of her military power was repelled, as was Russia in the 1970’s. There is little doubt that America will follow the same route, no matter how many years it will take.

Disturbingly, both the American presidential candidates feel that the war in Afghanistan must continue. This is a fatal error of judgment from both of them. The war on terror has created more suicide bombers, combined with a national and religious zeal that is becoming stronger instead of weaker. And the world is becoming more unsafe as a result.


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October 16, 2008 at 5:23 am

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